• Cairn57


  • We specialise in the delivery of creative copywriting combined with strategic thinking to create powerful message-led internal and external communications.

    Cairn57 is a specialist copywriting agency established in 2016. Our core team has extensive experience in internal and external communications for some of the largest companies and organisations in the UK. Working with our trusted network of associates, we combine expert copywriting with strategic insight to deliver effective communications across many different sectors ranging from premium spirits and economic development to oil & gas and higher education.




    It's always good to know what you are talking about – or writing about. We gain informed insights by doing our research first. Before we commit any words to paper or screen, we not only do the desk research, we also talk to the people that really matter to you. It may be some of your managers, your workforce, key clients or paying customers, but we want to know what they think now – and what's going to be important to them in the future.



    We'll use the insights gained to create a simple, but comprehensive messaging framework. Together we'll identify the primary message – the one that grabs the attention – the secondary messages, proof points, key audience needs and the supporting case studies if they are relevant. This framework will inform all future communications: providing the starting point for all subsequent copywriting across communication tools in print or digital formats.



    Unsurprisingly, we'll also deliver the creative copy too. From idea generation and short copy through to long-form story telling – we have it covered. Establishing the tone of voice and providing the creative lead, we will work with our network of talented writers, designers, animators, art directors and photographers to bring your message to life in relevant but surprising ways. Indeed, our experienced creative direction will ensure that the visuals are always designed to reinforce the message and support your business objectives.



    In recent years, Cairn57 founder, Neil Urquhart, has led the delivery of creative strategy,
    copywriting and creative direction on numerous communications projects for clients such as:

  • What's in a name?

    As much or as little as you want, but there is a story behind Cairn57. Cairns are the original wayfinders: simple messages in stone, built by hand to guide us on the journey, to alert us to dangers, and to celebrate the high points and highlights along the way. While 57 degrees, give or take a minute or two, is the northern latitude we call home, a line on the notional grid that marks out the world in which we operate. So there we have it: simple messages and guiding frameworks. Creative copywriting and strategic thinking.



    We are always interested in hearing from people who'd like to work with us - and that includes potential collaborators as well as potential clients. We work with a large pool of freelance writers and other communication specialists - and we are always looking to talk to more - particularly freelance professional copywriters based throughout the Highlands & Islands of Scotland. If you'd like to talk to us, then please email Neil Urquhart at neil@cairn57.com or simply fill in the form below. Thanks.